Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nov 28 - I Made Something Day

The Artists Network Magazine Blog has a suggestion I
like. Grace Dobush says:
The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday in the US—one of the biggest shopping days of the year, with stores opening at ungodly hours offering very limited sales that inspire hysteria in consumers. Adbusters a few years ago came up with a counteractivity called Buy Nothing Day, encouraging people to abstain from the consumerism for 24 hours.

I've got another idea: We should make Nov. 28—the day after Thanksgiving—Make Something Day!

Why spend hours circling the mall looking for a parking spot when you could be indulging your creative side and doing something productive? Get a start on your holiday presents! Finish that painting that's been gathering dust for months! Try out a new technique! Teach someone how to paint! Let your kids or grandkids show you how to paint their way!

Let your imagination go wild, and take pictures of what you come up with! I'd love to see what . . . for your own site:

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Anonymous said...

Harriett, thanks for the sweet little lambs you made for us!They are my favorite...I can't seem to pack them away for next season. I'm going to leave them out on my desk!
Love, Shannon