Monday, February 9, 2009

January Project

My January project has crept over into February. A week's trip to Oklahoma postponed finishing the Richard Schmid color charts. I have two more colors to do, cobalt and ultramarine blues. Here is a photo of the charts drying. Once dry, they will be place into a permanent folder for my continued use. Actually doing the charts in oil has proved a very informative experience. Surprising results have been obtained by mixing the colors with a limited palette (eleven plus white.) Ideally, they should be 1 inch squares made by taping them off with 1/4" tape. I could only find black or red 1/4" tape here and I felt either color would affect my perception of the color, so I just painted approximate 1" x 3/4" rectangles with my flat brushes. Labeling the columns will be done when the paint is dry. The canvas paper was very easy and flexible. Once the last two colors are done, I hope to get started on a nice landscape using what I have learned from this project.

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