Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Showcase

Where has the time gone?

Between the last post in February and now, life flew by.
I have painted a little,
the Spring Showcase was organized
(one of the volunteers was me) and
Spring sprung in and out of Idaho playing hide and seek.

I didn't even post the Showcase ahead of time and invite my blog friends, (Terrible!) If you go to our association website -,
you can click on the May-June issue and read an article on how the art show went and also, all the places different artists in our association have their art displayed. As the editor of the Brushtalk (another item keeping me busy) I try to interview both long-standing members and new ones. For the latest issue, I interviewed Patti Jouppi.

One of the paintings I had in the show is one I started last fall, but kept fussing with now and again until I finally framed it. It is an oil, titled Autumn Cataldo Choir.

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