Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Caroline in Wedding Attire

Caroline in Wedding Attire
9x12 Pastel on Paper
Portraits of my grandchildren pose quite a problem since I don't live close to many of them.  When we do get together, there is not time to paint them live. 

This one was from a group photo in which she had her head a little cocked and was quite small.  The photo had to be scanned, cropped and enlarged as a reference.
I chose this one, since she is entering her teens and this is more or less a glamour shot.  Because of the braces, the teeth are not detailed.  She had such a beautiful smile on her face, that I wanted to capture that.

She just received it in the mail and is very happy with it. She can hang it in her room. 

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Caroline Billiot said...

Thank you, Grandmommy! I love you! :)

- Caroline :)